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TELL ME and I forget.
SHOW ME and I remember.
INVOLVE ME and I understand.

Early elementary-aged “animals” wake up and stretch in Jungle Jamboree where they explore role playing, hone their gross-motor skills, and experiment with size.

ARTS ALIVE! focuses on curriculum for infants through grade school children. We work with schools, directors, teachers, and parents to deliver thematic on-campus classes that leverage the creative arts to help students realize their full potential in a way that is uniquely effective. And also fun!

Using a theme as a springboard, participants explore drama, dance, music, and visual art as they journey through a one-of-a-kind learning experience. All ARTS ALIVE! lessons include a wide range of skill development:

Movement Skills – Level, Size, Weight, Tempo, Direction, Pathway, Place, and Rhythm
Creative Drama Skills – Pantomime, Sensory Skills, Emotional Recall, and Storytelling
Social Skills – Communication and Partnering/Team Building
Motor Skills – Fine and Gross
Language Skills – Comprehension and Expression
Cognitive Skills – Decision Making and Processing
Affective Self-Regulation – Emotional Expression and Self-Control

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Infant “prince” holding the reigns of his royal stallion during Queen Quest where the little ones focus on grasp/release skills, eye-hand coordination, and core strengthening.

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