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Unleash your child’s full potential and set them up for a lifetime of success! Enroll in Arts Alive! classes today to set your child up for success by embracing and expanding your child’s natural abilities of imagination, joy, play, and curiosity!


Learn how to Ignite the Joy in your students with Arts Alive! Professional Development Educator Events.


Set your school apart from the rest; offer your students our high-quality curriculum enrichment program which is proven to increase academic success – with or without utilizing your school’s budget! Book your Arts Alive! classes today!


Ignite the Joy

Arts Alive! is a curriculum enrichment program that unlocks the part of a child’s brain that is not typically developed in an academic setting. We take the joy of movement and the creativity of the arts and use it to teach children to activate the higher-order thinking center of their brain. It’s quite fascinating!

Science supports that developing this, often underdeveloped part of the brain, sets students up for higher academic success and stronger problem-solving skills, both of which are important for long-term success at life.

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Unleash Your Child’s Full Potential

Unlock the potential of your child’s brain and set them up for a lifetime of success! Every Arts Alive! class taps into joy and the power of the expressive arts to awaken the higher-order thinking center of your child’s brain which increases academic success.

Enroll your child today and tap into the life-changing power of Education through Imagination!

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Set Your School Apart from the Rest

Equip your students for success with our high-quality curriculum enrichment classes in creative movement, yoga, and music. Our research-based classes have been carefully designed to use the joy of childhood to enhance the academic success of your students.


Friends Forever

Get a hug, then pass the hug. Our hugs are here to share. Dance with a friend or two or three. Dance with a teddy bear! Sing some songs of friendship, and of your family tree. Through Arts Alive!’s Friends Forever, we become one big fam-i-ly!!! 

Friends Forever is just one of our 50 amazing themes. Click below to see more!

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