Our Philosophy

The Arts Alive! philosophy forms the basis for every educational experience we offer. We embrace the strengths of young children; harnessing their joy, imagination, and their love of the arts as fuel and inspiration to effectively educate. Through research and years of experience, we have perfected an amazing technique and curriculum that uses the magic of the arts to unlock the potential of the brain!

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Mission Statement

Arts Alive! creates magical, arts-based experiences for every child. Using the power of joy and a child’s imagination, our custom, play-based curriculum aims to create an experience of mind-body integration, unlocking the highest potential of every student.

Living Breathing Values

  • We value joy. It is the heart of Arts Alive! and it ignites everything we do.
  • We value children. Embracing their joy and honoring their spirit is the key to unlocking their success.
  • We value imagination. It is the magic that liberates the full potential of the human brain.
  • We value purposeful play. We carefully craft each fun-filled Arts Alive! experience to incorporate full mind-body integration; a proven key to long-term academic success.
  • We value the arts. They are a means to educate more effectively and are essential to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Vision Statement

Arts Alive! believes in a world full of people living their lives with unleashed potential, in mind, body, and spirit; living lives brimming with joyful success.



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