Why Us?

We are seasoned experts on the hottest trends in education!

In recent years the efficacy of utilizing creativity as a tool for learning has become a hot topic. Arts Alive! has been actively employing this important information long before it was the subject of multiple Ted Talks.  The results are the most reliable, highest quality curriculum enrichment classes in Houston, that continue to set up thousands of participants for a life of greater success.

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Research shows that students who take classes in Arts Alive! improve their ability to engage in the learning process. The educational, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical benefits of our programs are proven and essential.


Years of careful work and analysis on our part has gone into the development of all Arts Alive! programs.

While we have seen the positive impact of our programs over the arch of the lives of so many of our students, the benefits are also proven and research-based!

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No. Arts Alive! is not a visual arts class. We have three different programs – creative movement, music and yoga.  We do learn about many visual arts concepts through movement, but we do not produce visual art products.
The Arts Alive! Studio is located in the Garden Oaks Professional Building at 4001 N. Shepherd, Ste. 108, Houston, TX 77018.

There are a few ways to get your child involved!

  • Enroll in our studio classes! Just click the Arts Alive! logo to go to the home page and then click the pink Enroll button.
  • Bring the research-proven benefits of Arts Alive! to your child’s entire school!  Parents like YOU have been our most powerful advocates. Contact us and we will do our best to bring Arts Alive! to your child and all their friends!
  • We also have a few schools that allow children who aren’t enrolled there to take our classes.  Please contact us so we can help get your child started in classes today!

Your child can enroll at any time! Our classes are process oriented vs. product oriented. Your child will be welcomed into the class without missing a beat!

We typically do not prorate for a missed class. Please contact our office for questions re. special circumstances or prolonged absences.

Absolutely! When you enroll online, you can select the partial payment option and enter the desired amount that you would like to pay. Feel free to call our office with specific requests or questions.

Yes, there is a sibling discount. When you enroll a second child a 10% discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Yes you can. The enroll page is set up for online payments. Please contact our office to make arrangements.

Yes! We have an open invitation to all families to attend at any time! If you do come, please play along with us instead of simply observing.
Usually. Some schools prefer for us not to take pictures of students during class even if we have parent permission. Every school has different photo policies. You can always reach out to your child’s Arts Alive! teacher and ask.

Yes. Please contact our office for more information.


  • When you enroll your child in Arts Alive!, you are guaranteed exceptional care and attention.
  • We have been in business for over 25 years and have administrative staff and systems put in place to make sure your child is guaranteed a superior experience.
  • We aim to be the highest quality program possible. We dedicate time, energy, and resources to make sure that our educational programs make a truly valuable impact in our students.
  • We aim to be the most valuable extra-curricular class that is offered. Research proves that choosing Arts Alive! for your child is a sound investment in their future abilities and well-being.
  • We set ourselves apart from other curriculum programs by hiring professional, career-minded educators looking to enhance the lives of children.  After a meticulous interview process, our teachers receive rigorous training.  Each teacher spends many teaching hours in apprenticeship, perfecting their knowledge and practice of the Arts Alive! philosophy, before leading their own classes. We invest in our teachers so you can have the opportunity to invest in your child.


Absolutely! We teach infants through early elementary school. We will work with you to customize our program for your student body – – be it through in-house field trips or weekly Arts Alive! classes for all of your students.

Of course! Our extra-curricular classes cost your school budget NOTHING, yet still give your student’s parents the opportunity to invest in their children through our research-proven program. Work with us to give your students a foundation for future success — all at no cost to your budget.

  • The Arts Alive! Creative Movement program is our most popular program.  Created in 1994 by Tina Sabuco, it is the original Arts Alive! program.  It is a thematic curriculum that integrates the expressive arts and multiple skills all into one class. 
  • Arts Alive! Music was birthed from our Creative Movement program. Our schools loved our classes so much that they requested we develop a curriculum that focused on music.  So we did!  We enlisted our in-house music expert, Stacey Hall, to use our Creative Movement program as a springboard in the creation of our music curriculum.  Stacey has been involved in music since the 6th grade.  She plays a variety of instruments, was in a women’s a cappella group and studied Musical Theatre in college.
  • Arts Alive! Yoga was created to bring the life-changing power of yoga and Arts Alive! together! Created by our Executive Director, Anissa Dwiggins, a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga since 1998, it also uses the magic of the Arts Alive! philosophy.  Our yoga program is unlike any other! Using music and a theme, students are guided through a mind-body experience proven to benefit their future (and their present moment!).

Yes. Please contact our office for more information.

Absolutely! Every child can find success in Arts Alive! classes! No matter the physical or mental challenges an individual faces, Arts Alive! embraces each participant. The Arts Alive! staff is highly trained and experienced in meeting the needs of all types of participants.

The same way we teach anyone else. If a child is in a wheelchair and we are being horses and galloping, that child can still be the horse and move through the space. Their imagination is what makes their experience magical! We stay in tune with each and every student. Our goal is to create an experience of success for every individual.

The Arts Alive! philosophy forms the basis for every educational experience we offer. We embrace the strengths of young children; harnessing their joy, imagination, and their love of the arts as fuel and inspiration to effectively educate. Through research and years of experience, we have perfected an amazing technique and curriculum that uses the magic of the arts to unlock the potential of the brain!



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