Arts Alive! Creative Movement

Arts Alive! Creative Movement is where it all began.

Over twenty five years ago, foundress Tina Sabuco created our original creative movement curriculum for children, utilizing the magic of the expressive arts to effectively educate and benefit the whole child. Each themed lesson plan holds an incredible adventure. As children joyfully move their bodies in a myriad of ways, handle an eclectic assortment of interactive props, and embark on a journey of the imagination – participants unlock parts of the brain and expand their potential for academic success as well as success in life.

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Friends Forever

Pajama Party

Houseful of Happiness

Playful Picnic

Dance in Your Pants

All Sorts of Sports

Wheeee for Wheels

Off to the Olympics - Winter Winners

Off to the Olympics - Summer Superstars

Rodeo Roundup

Zany Zoo

Country Campout

Funtastic Farm

Jungle Jamboree

Growing Garden

Anchors Aweigh

Lovely Luau

Wonder World of Water

Marmaid Mania

Pirate's Paradise

South Asian Soire

Fiesta Fun

Spaces `Sploration

Dancin` `Round the World

Song of the Sky

Art All Around

Rockstar Review

Fantastic Fun with Food

Outstanding Occupations

Amusement Park Adventures

Mother Goose on the Loose

Fairy Fantasy

Superhero Summit

Queen Quest

Fairytale Fun

Dog Daze

Crazy Cats

Horse Happening

Insect Invasion



Egg Stravanganza

Dragon Discovery

Dancin` Dinosaurs

Circle Circus

Freedom Fest

Pumpkin Patch Parade

Masquerade Madness

Hallelujah Halloween


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