Dancin’ Dinosaurs

Focus:  Role-Playing, Direction, and Rhythm

Hatch out of your egg.  Shake your tails and claws.

Smile with sharp teeth and stretch your dino jaws.

Go to Dino-School; Dino Ditties we’ll all learn

As we sit beneath the trees and next to feath’ry fern.

Become Pterodactyls that soar the clear blue skies;

Feel your huge wings fall — and then begin to rise.

The Stegosaurus lumbers forth – –

Traveling west, east, south, and north.

Triceratops marches in a parade.

OUR dinosaurs make no one afraid!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex will roar and jump and stomp.

The Apatosaurus finds tender leaves to chew and chomp.

Then at day’s end, all the dinos will come and gather ‘round

To dance the Dinosaur Dance, as they stomp upon the ground.

They’ll clap and sing and wiggle.  They’ll kick and jump & jive.

We’re all the Dancin’ Dinosaurs when we’re at ARTS ALIVE!!