Funtastic Farm

Focus:  Pantomime, Locomotor Skills, and Body Part Recognition

Old MacDonald had a farm

And ARTS ALIVE! does too!

We’ll journey to our Grandpa’s Farm;

It’s long past overdue!!!

The getting there is half the fun;

We’ll walk & bike & choo choo train.

We’ll gallop with the horses

Under sun or through the rain.

When we arrive, Gramps isn’t there. 

He’s gone to sell his rice.

But that’s okay, ‘cause we just found

Some baby Rattlemice!

We dance with them and shake our tails

And then we tour the ranch.

Look up!  What’s that?  What’s that we see? 

Chickens dancing on a branch!?

And there’s the Neat Ol’ Nanny Goat,

A-cleanin’ up the place,

Let’s sing with Rockin’ Roll Rabbit

Who is playing her sweet bass!

There’s Horses Galloping Country Style

And Ducks dancing in a puddle!

That Turkey in the Straw is waiting

For you to give a cuddle!

Lambs dance the Lambaba and sing

With Pigs who Polka proudly.

We all love this Funtastic Farm!!! 

Now let’s all shout it LOUDLY!!!