Hallelujah Halloween!

Focus: Level, Weight, and Pathway

Calling all Goblins.  Witches, too.

Animals from the Jungle and Zoo.

Dragons!  Princes!  Fairies!  Elves!

Anyone who’s NOT ourselves.

Let’s all join in a Halloween Dance;

We’ll shake our shoes and wiggle our pants.

Come ride on broom sticks through the sky.

Become a monster with one eye.

Meow and strut like an alley cat.

Fly high and low like a tiny bat.

Soar through the sky with the light, fast ghosts.

As jack-o-lanterns perch on posts.

Skeletons rattle “dem bones dem bones”

As goblins giggle through monster moans.

Friendly spiders spin a web

As man-in-the-moon begins to ebb.

And as our fun comes to an end

We’ll give a hug to every friend.

What a joyous, happy scene

Sing Hallelujah Halloween!