Pirates’ Paradise

Focus:  Role-Playing, Partnering, and Upper Body Strength

Grab your matey by the hand

And skip on down the dock.

Board our pirate ship and shout “Hooray! 

This boat’s about to rock!”

It’s time for Pirate School my friend

So don your bandana and your vest.

ARTS ALIVE!’s Pirate School

Is pirate schooling at its best!

We will learn to row and fish and swab

And dance a jolly jig.

We will learn the ins and outs

Of sailing this big rig!

We will shiver all our timbers

And shout “Argh” to pirate pals.

We’ll say “Yo ho ho and a bottle of juice”

To all pirate guys and gals.

Then we might meet some mermaids

With starfish in their hair

And dance and swim with them,

As, we breathe salty ocean air.

And when the day is done

And the moon smiles in the sky

We will close our eyes and dream

As we wave Pirate School goodbye.