Rockstar Review

Focus:  Rhythm, Role-Playing, and Improvisation

Grab your mic and your tambourine. 

Don’t forget your drum.

Bring your bass and your guitar

And now begin to strum.

“I Dig Rock and Roll Music”

So I’ll put on my “Blue Suede Shoes”

And take a “Magic Carpet Ride;”

With “Rockin’ Robin” we’ll all cruise.

“I Want to Hold Your Hand”

Just in case we get “All Shook Up.”

We might see “Great Balls of Fire”

As we fly over “Our House” – – Hey!  Wassup?!?!

We’ll “Rock Around the Clock”

As we “Bang on the Drum All Day.”

We promise that “We Will Rock You”

As our instruments we play.

Our “Old Time Rock N’ Roll” will make you

“Rock N’ Roll All Nite.”

But before it’s time for bed,

Let’s all “Splish Splash” with all our might.

And now, the night, let’s “Paint It Black”

With stars above our head.

Our Rockstar Review has come to an end. 

Good night; it’s time for bed.