Winter Wonderland

Focus:  Pathway, Direction, and Level

Hey everybody – – it’s snowing!!! 

There are snowflakes on the ground!

Let’s all build a snowman – –

So big and white and round!

We’ll dance with him all day and night

And sing his song with glee.

And then we’ll ski with skiing sheep. 

Down we’ll all go!  Wheeeeeee!!!!

Penguins meet us at the foot

And take us by the hand.

We don our skates and skate with them. 

Penguin skating’s grand!

Then a sleigh horse trots on by

And invites us on her sleigh.

We’ll bundle up and sing more songs

And jingle all the way.

Make sure you catch a snowflake on

Your thumb, or toe or tongue.

Catching snowflakes as they fall

Is sure to keep us young!

And before our wintery night is through,

With polar bears we’ll chill,

As we snuggle in their polar caves,

Inside a snowcapped hill.