The Wonderful World of Water

Focus: Size, Partnering, and Role Playing

Fingerfish will lead us

To the shiny, sparkling sea

Where we’ll dance with many mermaids

And squeal with delightful glee.

It’s the ARTS ALIVE! magic that

Turns each one of us to whales

And into dancing dolphins

That splish and splash with twirling tails.

We will wiggle like the seaweed.

We will catch some big ol’ bubbles

As we stow away our cares

And tuck away our troubles.

Next the codfish come a dancin’

As they wiggle tails and fins.

Which brings on seaside smiles,

Lakes of laughs and great big grins.

And then when we are sleepy

And looking for our bed,

Instead we’ll find a Moonboat

That’s just a waitin’ for our head.

To the Octopus’ Garden

We will wave and say goodnight.

ARTS ALIVE’s World of Water

Was a wonderful delight!