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Please share with us any information about your child that will help us work with her/him on an individual basis within the group. For instance, this could be any special needs, personality type, suggestions in working with your child, etc.
• I agree to pay the tuition on or before the first day of class each semester. Full or split payments can be made. Any other arrangements must be approved through the ARTS ALIVE! office.
• I understand that a tuition payment must be made for my child to begin ARTS ALIVE! classes
• I understand that ARTS ALIVE! enrollment is continuous throughout the entire year, according to my child's school calendar.
• I understand that in order for my child to discontinue class, I must contact the ARTS ALIVE! office to cancel my child's enrollment.
• I understand that if I do not contact the ARTS ALIVE! office to cancel my child's enrollment, I am responsible for payment of the classes that my child is attending.
• I understand that Arts Alive! does not prorate for missed classes for classes canceled due to inclement weather, and/or HISD closures.
• I give consent for my child's photo, video or likeness to be used in the ARTS ALIVE! Inc. website and/or other marketing material.
• I am the parent/legal guardian of above student and understand that every precaution is taken to secure the safety of my child; however, I agree to release ARTS ALIVE! Inc., all ARTS ALIVE! teachers and my child’s school from any liabilities. I release and discharge any and all rights and claims against Arts Alive! Inc.
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