Butterfly Bonanza

Focus:  Storytelling, Dramatization, Cooperation, and Teamwork

Come and listen to a story

Of a little egg that hatches

Into a Very Hungry Caterpillar

Who eats fruit by the batches.

One apple.  Two pears. 

Three plums.  And more!

Strawberries and oranges and…

Just WAIT what is in store!

A sausage and a cupcake! 

A pickle and some cheese!

Don’t you think that he’d be full by now?

He seems to eat all that he sees!

There’s cherry pie and ice cream!

And a piece of chocolate cake!

There’s salami and a lollipop!

And now………………….. a stomach ache!!!

But soon he feels much better

After eating up a leaf.

“The time has come for change!”

Is now our little friend’s belief.

A cocoon he wraps around him

And inside he sleeps and dreams.

And soon he is awakened

By some happy, sunny beams.

He yawns a yawn and stretches

His little arms up to the sky.

But wait!  Those arms are WINGS!

And he, a lovely BUTTERFLY!!!