Dancin’ Round the World

Focus:  Dance, Locomotor Skills, and Direction

It’s time for an ARTS ALIVE! vacation! 

Let’s go Dancin’ Round the World!

We will visit many lands

As each country’s flag’s unfurled!

In Mexico, we’ll shake Maracas. 

We’ll wear bright beads in old Brazil.

When we dance the dance of carnival,

We always get a thrill!

We’ll cross the ocean in a rowboat

‘Til we reach African shores.

We’ll dance like lions that are sleepy,

Then celebrate the great outdoors.

We’ll kick our heels up as we Can Can,

During our short stop in France.

Then in Denmark we will skip

During the fun Shoemaker’s Dance!

In China we’ll use streamers,

As we tell a tale of magic fish.

We’ll Tarantella while in Italy,

As our tambourines we swish.

And when we’re back in our town,

In the great U S of A

We will wave our stars and stripes

While under Texas stars we sway!!!