Fairy Fantasy

Focus: Role-Playing, Pantomime, and Level

Mother Nature needs some help

To do all sorts of things.

And here to help, our Fairy Friends

Fly in on gossamer wings.

First comes the Springtime Fairy,

Who spreads sunshine ‘pon the earth.

She helps the raindrops fall 

As she dances with much mirth!

Then comes the Summer Fairy,

Flying in with honey bees.

She helps pollinate the flowers

As she skips upon the breeze.

And when the winds whip up the leaves,

The Autumn Fairy’s near.

He colors leaves – – gold, orange and red,

As flowers disappear.

And last, the Winter Fairy

Frosts the world with winter white.

He dances on his silvery skates

From early morn ‘til night.

Then when the winter turns to spring

As the earth around keeps turning,

We’ll be on the lookout for

Each Fairy Friend returning!