Fairytale Fun

Focus: Role-Playing, Pantomime, and Body Part Recognition

There’s a genie with a lamp!  There’s a magic carpet, too!

I see Jasmine and Aladdin and their monkey, sweet Abu!

Let’s ride upon that carpet and visit distant lands.

First it’s off to Arabia as we dance on desert sands.

Next our carpet takes us to a joy filled jammin’ gypsy camp.

It’s amazing what will happen when you rub the genie lamp!

Let’s dance with Esmeralda as we tap our tambourine.

Then fly with Peter Pan who’s dressed from tip to toe in green.

And there’s the Little Mermaid; Ariel is swimming by.

Let’s join her and her fish friends under the sea under the sky.

And speaking of the sky, look up and tell me what you see.

Yes, it’s a radiant rainbow over Oz and Dorothy!

There’s our pal Pinocchio.  He’s dancing with no strings.

And there’s Wonderland’s Alice, painting roses & other things.

Snow White & all her dwarf friends are working as they whistle.

While Rapunzel dances over rocks and stream and thistle.

Beauty and her Beast invite us all to be their guest.

Let’s dine with them and toast a toast afore it’s time to rest.

Then dear Sleeping Beauty and sweet Cinderella sing

They sing us off to slumber’s silver dreams on fairy wing.