Fantastic Fun with Food

Focus:  Rhythm and Fine Motor Skills

Put on your apron

And stir the pot

‘Cause “P”s are a-cookin’

And we got a lot!

There’s Pink and Purple Pasta

To twirl and twist.

There’s a fish, let’s say “Pescado,”

That is mighty delish!

Knead the dough for yummy Pizza

With many toppings to please.

Pepperoni, Pears, and Pickles

Plus, some Parmesan Cheese!

Don’t forget the Peanut Butter

With Plum Jelly on the bread.

We’ll sing of Peas upon our knees

As happiness, we spread.

Pop the Popcorn in the pan. 

Pass Potatoes to a friend.

Pat the Pat-a-cake for baby as

The day comes to an end.

Our ARTS ALIVE! kitchen’s filled with

“P”s that we’ve all stewed.

See you next time when we have more

Fantastic Fun with Food!