Masquerade Madness

Focus:  Role-Playing, Locomotor Skills, and Rhythm

Put on your costume and shout HOORAY – –

Because it’s Masquerade Madness day!

ARTS ALIVE! will show the way! 

Come on everybody, let’s learn and play!

First, we’ll don our robe and crown

And learn to nod and wave.

We’ll dance in the royal ballroom

With every queen and prince and knave.

Then our robe becomes a cape. 

On our face, we put a mask!

Superheroes we become;

Fighting crime, our task.

Turn that cape into a kerchief

And saddle up your horse.

Yehaw!  We’re cowboys and cowgirls,

With our chaps and boots of course!

Now that kerchief is an apron

And our chef hat stands tall and proud.

We make pasta, pizza and popcorn

For a roaring, cheering crowd!

“Argh!” we say!  And “Yo ho ho!” 

Pirates all are we!

Put that bandana on your head

And hoist a sail with me!

And now it’s time for the final frontier. 

Put on your space suit, friend.

We’ll fly to the moon together

Before this fun day has to end.

When we land, we’ll celebrate

All the fun folks we’ve become.

Then we’ll sleep and dream of all of them,

Until up comes the sun.