Mermaid Mania

Focus:  Role-Playing, Partnering, and Size

The finger fish are swimming. 

First one, then two, then three!

Add seven more to that and LOOK – –

There’s 10 swimming out to sea!

They find the crystal castle where

The magic mermaids dwell

As they adorn themselves with starfish,

Some seaweed and a shell.

Then they all turn into creatures

Of the deep blue bubbly sea.

Whales and dolphins, clams and crabs

Swim round and round and round with glee.

Maybe we’ll be sharks or lobsters

Or silly puffer fish.

You’re mermaid magic will assist you

To be whatever fish you wish.

Then the octopus blows bubbles

‘Stead of candles on the cake.

And the codfish dance and flap their fins

With partners, turns they take.

Then it’s time to board the moonboat

As we rub our eyes and yawn

And sail away to sleepland

And dream of merfriends until dawn.