Pumpkin Patch Parade

Focus: Locomotor Skills, Rhythm, & Cooperation

Come and pick a pumpkin;

Let’s have a Pumpkin Patch Parade!

We can each dance with our pumpkins

In the sun and in the shade.

Let’s sit in a big circle;

Pass the pumpkin, hold it high.

Then go into the kitchen

To make a yummy pumpkin pie.

Back out in the garden,

Let’s plant pumpkin seeds a plenty.

They grow on vines so long. 

Help me count them one to twenty!

We’ll do the Pumpkin Twist

And the Pumpkin Polka, too.

We’ll roll just like a pumpkin;

Make pumpkin bread and pumpkin stew!

We’ll make a Pumpkin Train

With an orange pumpkin caboose.

We’ll dance with Pumpkin Pals

And sip some delicious pumpkin juice.

And when the sun is setting

On our pretty pumpkin patch,

ARTS ALIVE! will make the stars

That you can reach right up and catch.