Queen Quest

Focus:  Role-Playing, Partnering, & Rhythm

Sound the royal trumpets for each boy and girl to hear.

I’m thinking that it’s time for Queen Queenillia to appear!

Yes, I was right!  I see her now, with jewels upon her crown,

A robe of red, a scepter and a gorgeous golden gown!

Let’s don OUR jewels and sparkly crowns and learn to wave and bow.

Our waltzing with each other will be sure the crowd to wow!

Then tambourines we take and tap and shake and shake with glee

As we kick up our happy heels and hop and lift our bended knee.

Our royal orchestra arrives to play “The Barber of Seville.”

Each prince and princess loves it!  It gives them such a thrill!

And as the music softens, a wizard waltzes in

With hair of gray upon his head; a beard upon his chin.

He waves his wand and we’ve all changed.  The magic is untethered.

We’re unicorns and horses with wings all golden feathered.

But soon the moon is rising and we see the night’s first star.

We sleep, no longer royal children, but changed back to who we are.