South Asian Soiree

Focus: Rhythm, Balancing, and Pathways

Grab your sari and bangles, too.  Let’s all head to Bombay.

We’re going to take a vacation and have a South Asian Soiree!

Monsoon winds whip and whirl the waves as we arrive upon the shore.

Our sari squares filled with magic will help transport us as we explore!

They help us dance and boat and bike.  They help us drive our car.

They help us gallop with our horse as we travel near and far.

Look!  What’s that?  A cricket field!  No not the type for bugs!

The field is for a cricket game.  At balls, we’ll take some slugs!

And just as our game finishes, the rains come tumbling down.

Let’s tap the rhythm of the rains and dance right out of town.

We find ourselves amongst the trees – – a forest all around.

A cobra dances with us.  Let’s all make a hissing sound!

Bumble bees boogie and peacocks preen and prance.

Elephants and monkeys join together in a soiree swinging dance.

After all that dancing, I’m so thirsty!  Aren’t you too?

Let’s carry bowls upon our heads to find some water blue.

Dip it in the water and balance it on head and hand.

Walk with it while you’re dancing with a friend upon the sand.

What’s that I hear?  A whistle?  Look!  A train is here!  Let’s go!

We’ll climb the Himalayas, leaving deserts for the SNOW!

The train stops right upon the foot of a mountain known as Everest.

Whoever gets to the summit first is probably the cleverest!

And as we reach the top, we cheer, “Oh what a wondrous day

We had with ARTS ALIVE! during our South Asian Soiree!!!”