Space ‘Sploration

Focus: Weight, Size, and Tempo

It’s time to blast off

For some Space ‘Sploration fun.

We’ll board our rocket

And set off for big star sun.

Or maybe silvery moon

Is a better place to land?

Rocketing through outer space

Sure makes an astronaut feel grand!

Come with us as we explore

The surface of the moon with ease.

How silly that some people thought

Our moon was made of cheese!

We collect some moon rocks

And dance the Moon Rock with our friends.

ARTS ALIVE! is oh so fun

We hope this journey never ends.

We see a Purple People Eater

And greet him with a smile.

He teaches us to sing

And play the guitar for a while.

But soon we feel so sleepy; 

To our friend we say goodbye

As we drift off in slumber space

To an astronaut’s lullaby.