Superhero Summit

Focus: Physical Elements of Movement Review

Level, Direction, Size, Pathway, Place, Weight, and Tempo

Calling all the Superkids; put on your cape and mask!

To find the Bubble People is each Superkids’ new task!

Don’t fear that you’ll be on your own, we’ve called some others. YES!

Let’s start our Superhero Summit.  Let’s board the Super Train Express!

There’s Superman and Supergirl, who fly with us so high.

We look for Bubble People as we supersoar the sky!

Then to the Batmobile we leap with Batman and Batgirl.

Here comes Boy Wonder, Robin, as our capes we give a twirl.

The Power Puff Girls all join in to help us with their strength.

And Spiderman is there to spin his spider webs of length.

I see some lightning bolts – – that must mean Captain Marvel’s near!

He’s joined by the Flash, with lightning speed.  Let’s all stand up and cheer!

And finally we see Aquaman; he’s here to help us all.

He knows where the Bubble People are, my friend.  They’re in the water wall!

So with the help of one and all, our quest’s come to an end.

The Bubble People give us hugs and say “Thank you superfriend!”