Wheeee for Wheels!

Focus: Pathway, Direction, and Partnering

Grab your roller skates or roller blades and the hand of your best friend.

It’s time to explore the world of imagination and pretend!

And with your other hand in the hand of ARTS ALIVE!

Through the wonderful world of WHEELS, we will all take a drive.

At the roller rink, we’ll skate!  On our bicycle, we’ll ride!

On our skateboard, we will balance as down the hill we glide!

Then in the driver’s seat we’ll sit in our brand new shiny car

As we ease on down the road traveling oh so very far!

After using wheels for fun and using wheels for playing

We’ll board the choo choo train as the boxcars start their swaying.

All aboard for more adventures; working wheels are now ahead.

Wear your hard hat of bright yellow.  Wear your helmet colored red.

Whether driving a big dump truck, fire engine or snow plow

We at ARTS ALIVE! will guarantee you know exactly how – –

How to drive each one with safety and to get the big job done.

And, of course, we all will do it as we have a ton of fun!

We might climb aboard the school bus as we sing a song of wheels!

We might drive our yellow taxi turning corners with loud squeals!

And as we all say Whee for Wheels, we know the time has come to part.

But the wheel that we’ll take with us is a-turnin’ in our heart!