Off to the Olympics – Winter Winners

Focus:  Gross Motor Skills, and Teamwork

Won’t you join me? Come on!  Let’s go!

It’s Off to the Olympics in the ice and snow.

Here comes the torch.  It’s time to begin.

We are the Olympians parading in!

The first event is on the ice.

Winning a medal would sure be nice.

Let’s skate alone, then in a pair.

Spin and leap.  We’re lighter than air!

Next comes skiing, straight down the hill.

Or curving side to side with skill.

Snowboarding’s next.  Let’s give it a try.

Sliding sideways low and high.

The bobsled team numbers two or four.

What do ya say we try for more!

Let’s all climb on and make the run.

I never knew bobsledding could be so fun!!

Let’s take a break and take a ride.

On a dogsled we will slide.

Husky dogs will pull us all.

Hang on tight so you want fall.

And now together we must come.

I hear the beating of the drum.

The closing ceremony is for all.

As we get medals, we stand tall.

And with our friends, both new and old

We’ll dance with our medals made of gold

As we represent the USA.

We’re all proud Olympians today!