Classes and Themes

ARTS ALIVE! focuses on curriculum for infants through grade school children.

We work with schools, directors, teachers, and parents to deliver thematic on-campus classes that leverage the creative arts to help students realize their full potential in a way that is uniquely effective. And also fun!

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Using a theme as a springboard, participants explore drama, dance, music, and visual art as they journey through a one-of-a-kind learning experience. All ARTS ALIVE! lessons include a wide range of skill development:

  • Movement Skills – Level, Size, Weight, Tempo, Direction, Pathway, Place, and Rhythm
  • Creative Drama Skills – Pantomime, Sensory Skills, Emotional Recall, and Storytelling
  • Social Skills – Communication and Partnering/Team Building
  • Motor Skills – Fine and Gross
  • Language Skills – Comprehension and Expression
  • Cognitive Skills – Decision Making and Processing
  • Effective Self-Regulation – Emotional Expression and Self-Control

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Our curriculum is founded on involving and engaging each and every student at their level and has resulted in the creation of fifty originally designed thematic lesson plans. We teach through, rather than about, a theme. This thematic approach engages each child’s imagination and makes each lesson plan more dynamic which enables participants to remember so much more content. We call this Education through Imagination.

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